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Canoe Creek Golf Professional Cody Bell Reaches Finals

Cody found himself in an interesting position last week. 

In addition to his role at the course, Cody is a competitive golfer and has won several tournaments around BC. This summer he has been playing in the PGA of BC Interior Match Play Tournament, and his semi-final match saw him pitted against long time friend Mark Kohlen of the Salmon Arm Golf Club. Two friends mano-a-mano, winner take all! 


They teed it up at the Vernon Country Club for the right to play in the championship match against Keith Vandenbrink of the Hillview Golf Club in Vernon.


Cody played well and defeated his friend 4 and 3. But there’s a little more to the story.


Perhaps it was a harbinger of good things to come when Cody made a hole-in-one on the 186 yard 5th hole. Imagine the mixed feelings Mark must have had. Sharing the thrill with his friend, but losing another hole in an important match. Classy person that he is, Mark would have been happy for Cody — but there must have been a sting too.


Story to be continued. Good luck in the final Cody!


Blue Collar Open


Sunday, September 18 is the date of our final Blue Collar Open of the year. This one will be an 18 hole 4-person Las Vegas Scramble with a Shotgun Start at 2:30 PM. $80 covers your green fee, cart, dinner and prizes. The price for Pass Holders and $50 Club Members is $40. All prices are taxes in. Sign-up as a single, two, or threesome, or make your own team.


Please pre-book and pre-pay by calling in or dropping by so that we can purchase and prepare an appropriate quantity of food for the buffet and make up the teams as necessary. For more info please call the Pro Shop. The day of the event please arrive by 1:30 for final registration and cart assignments etc.

If you haven’t played in a Blue Collar Open before, don’t be shy about joining in. These events cater to players of all abilities with an emphasis on fun, meeting new people and sharing a great meal. And most prizes are draw prizes, so you don’t have to be on a winning team to go home with the spoils!

Men’s Night Wind-Up


The Year-End Men's Night Wind-Up is on Thursday, September, 29 with a 2:30 PM Shotgun start. The format will be 2 Person Ryder Cup ‘Medley’ — 6 holes each of Scramble, Best Ball, and Alternate Shot. 


We will also be having our year-end draw for great prizes including a free membership for the rest of 2016.


Entries for the grand prize will be weighted so that those who attended the most events will have the most entries and so on.

Until then, Men's Nights continue every Thursday. Please book ahead!


Ladies Night Wind-Up


The next regular Ladies' Night takes place on Wednesday, September 14, and our Ladies Night Wind-Up will take place on Wednesday, September 28th each with regular tee times.

Attendance at some Ladies’ Night events has been low so we are hoping to re-ignite interest to create momentum for next year.

We’ll also be canvassing those who attend this final 2016 event for ideas on how to improve the program for next year.


Please call to book and then come on out, bring a friend or two, and let’s make the season finale the best one of the year!


New Member Enticement — FREE Golf for the rest of the year


This past year has seen our annual membership (Season’s Pass Holders) increase from 57 to 91 members — a 60% increase in memberships! While we greatly appreciate our public pay-as-you-go customers, for those who play frequently we wonder if you'd like to consider membership. If yes, we’ve got an idea to entice you.

If you sign up now for a 2017 membership, we’ll grandfather in the remainder of this season! That’s right — pay your deposit ($500) and you’ll be golfing FREE for the rest of the year. That means you’re likely to be getting 6 weeks of free golf (based on anticipated closing dates).


Early Bird Rates for 2016 were $1500 for an unrestricted pass, $1100 for a pass restricted (12 Noon or after), and $800 for a 9-Hole pass — great deals for those likely to play once a week or more.


Our 2017 rates are yet to be determined and while there are no current plans to raise rates, just for your peace of mind, if our rates were to increase by more than 10%, and you decided to decline proceeding with your membership, we’d offer you a complete refund of your deposit. Also, if illness or a move out of the area were to result in not being able to proceed, we'll refund half of your deposit. Either way, you're protected!


Returning Members


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. In our next newsletter we’ll have information about renewal incentives. We really appreciate your patronage and sincerely hope that you saw us doing everything we could to help make you feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated.


We’ll also provide a small Bistro credit for any membership referrals that come our way so don’t forget to inform your golf associates who are not yet members of the New Member promotion above.

Have You Been Catching Our Instagram Pics?

Opening the course one recent morning the sunrise was spectacular. I took this shot. If you like it you might want to check out for another one from the same sunrise that has outperformed all others in terms of 'likes' on Instagram.

And here's one submitted by one of our customers who caught the rainbow just right! Thanks to Gordon Pelletier. 

Please share your photos on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Pages, or on review sites like Trip Advisor, and Golf Advisor. You'll notice that the current customer pictures on Trip Advisor show our damaged greens from last year which were an anomaly for our usual fantastic conditions.

For ethical reasons we can't submit our own pictures to bury those unflattering and completely unrrepresentative pics posted there, so we'd sure appreciate your help by posting your great shots of the course on Trip Advisor and elsewhere in our social media milieu.

Our Summer Breakfast Program — An Update


Thanks to Kathy who successfully executed her idea of offering a deluxe breakfast on Sundays and other special days since the beginning of August. Canoe Creek Patrons have been fairly consistent in their praise of the food quality, selection and price. 


Thanks again to Kathy, and Bistro Staff Donna and Rhonda for the great work on the Deluxe Breakfast Program!


For the remainder of the year, we will continue to offer homemade muffins, snacks, coffee and tea for breakfast and hope that you are also enjoying the sandwich, burger, hot dog, smokey, wings, ribbettes, and sausage roll fair throughout the day.

Blue Jay Mania

The Jays are in the midst of a close pennant race and currently trail division leaders, Boston Red Sox by two games. As long as the Jays are alive in the race, during any game, Jays fans staying to watch the game in the lounge will get $1 off any Big Surf Beer product (cans, pints, pitchers). As for Red Sox fans like Canoe Creek Marketing Director Marty, you’ll have to ask for an exception to the Jay’s fan game day discount. 


Why not watch a game with fellow golf and Jays enthusiasts. See you at the course! And if the Red Sox do manage to hold off the Jays, Marty promises not to gloat and perhaps will make some magnanimous gesture to the Jays faithful.

This weekend the games are at 10:00 AM Pacific time, so why not come in for the game and coordinate your visit with golf??


Shoulder Season Date and Rates


Our Shoulder Season green fee rate of $45 will begin as of Monday, September 26. This rate will apply throughout the week with no weekday/weekend differentiation.


$50 Club Members take note of yet another perk. During shoulder season your rate is $50 cart included, so you are saving $11 each time you play a round with a power cart. Of course you can always get the $45 walking rate as well.


Twilight Time Update


Also effective on September 26 with the onset of Shoulder Season, twilight time will be moved up from 4 PM to 2 PM. $50 Club Members take note yet again — with your 1 hour early access provision, you get twilight rates at 1 PM!

No wonder we sold 97 $50 Club Memberships this year!!


When Does The Fun End? — Closing Date News


Happily, Canoe Creek Golf Course does not have any mandated closure dates or restrictions. Mother Nature and our customers are our guide. 

Our aim is to remain open as long as possible, taking into account weather and rounds played. Last year saw us open through Sunday, October 25th.


Fingers crossed for a fall weather revival and a great Shoulder Season!


Facebook Contest Results — What is the elevation drop on Hole 13?


Now this is a little embarrassing. We ran a Facebook contest and entry involved providing an estimate or calculation of how high above the fairway the blue tees are on hole 13, and nobody entered! Oh, well . . . 


For the record, according to a built in GPS altitude app an an iPhone and another app called “Altimeter GPS” the blue tees are 140 feet higher than the 150 yard marker down in the fairway. So there you have it. Launch it off the Blue Tees and your ball finishes 140 feet below.


Please consider liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Instagram. You never know when we’ll launch another contest on one of those sites.


Business/Company Christmas Parties at Canoe Creek

We are looking into the possibility of making our club house and catering operation available in the Christmas Season for company Christmas parties. Several factors will influence our decision but one is ascertaining the demand. If you or a company you are part of might consider holding your Christmas party with us please give us a call and leave a message for Marty. We anticipate making a decision within the week, and the number of expressions of interest will be considered.


Dynamic Pricing and Golf Now Bookings


As noted in a separate email sent about this matter, please note that we have severed our relationship with Golf Now, and they are no longer authorized to take bookings for our course. 


However, as of today’s date Golf Now is continuing to do so and taking payment for golf at our course. This puts us in an awkward situation and your cooperation and understanding is great appreciated. Please refrain from booking with Golf Now as we cannot continue honouring unauthorized bookings paid to them.


Our move to Dynamic Pricing allows us to increase the number of discounted rounds offered, means that you will never pay a convenience fee for booking, and allows you to be confident that the best deals will always be found on our website, eliminating the need to surf around and check elsewhere. You now have ‘one stop shopping’ at


Do I Really Need to Book Ahead?


We never like to turn ‘walk-in’ customers and/or members away, but recent weeks have required us to do so a few times. One of the charms of Canoe Creek is that it is typically not excessively busy. Our ‘personality’ could also be characterized as casual and friendly, something of which we are proud. However, given that we have at times been ‘full’ we urge you to consider making formal bookings when you can. This will help us staff the course appropriately, and help ensure that we never need to turn anyone away.


Events At Canoe Creek


In addition to our own events mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter (Blue Collar Open, Men’s and Ladies Nights and Wind-Ups) it is also a pleasure to host various outside groups. 


Last week we were delighted to host family, friends, and relatives of the Franz / Kirk wedding who played here in a pre-wedding event. (Congratulations to the newlyweds!!) We also recently hosted Torbram Electric’s Vendor Appreciation Tournament and earlier in the year hosted the Splatsin’ Development Corporation and Ryder’s Cup Charity Tournament. Vernon’s Home Building Centre will be holding their company tournament with us on September 25. Tournament activity is definitely on the rise. 


We’ve also hosted a number of large groups. For example, later this month we are hosting a large group of Predator Ridge members who are coming out to check us out while their course gets aerated.


To all tournaments and large groups we thank you for your patronage and hope that you will keep us in mind for company and group events. Also keep in mind that we will assist with publicity and make the planning and execution of tournaments and group outings as ‘turn-key’ as possible.


Fixing a Ball Mark on the Green


There are several schools of thought about fixing ball marks on greens.

Do you replace or discard the tongue (divot) of dislodged turf? How hard can you push in from the edges? Should you try to pull the earth up to fill the crater?

Keeping our conditions great is something we can all help with.


Here’s a quick video that gives you a good summary of a conventional view.


And here’s a written guide from the webpage of Predator Ridge.


Note that in both the video and the written article a key is NOT to pull the earth up from the bottom. Work earth in only laterally from all sides. Pulling up breaks the roots and kills the grass.

Your Feedback

We value your feedback. Please let us know how we are doing in relation to our course and conditions, our products, policies, and rates, our customer service and our communications including this newsletter.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

We've been fortunate to be sponsored by many businesses, most of which appear below. Please patronize our sponsors.





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