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Men’s Nights are held every Thursday and three times a year we designate a Men’s Night as MAJOR and expand the prizes offered, offer an enhanced buffet, and go with a Shot Gun start so everyone can have the buffet dinner afterwards together in a banquet format.


Thursday, August 25th is our next Major Men’s Night with a 2:30 PM Shotgun start. 


The format is a 4-Person Partnered Scramble. For the first six holes the foursome will split into two pairs. After six holes the teams will change up (pairing into different twos) and then for the last six holes the teams will change again. By the end of the round each member of the foursome will have been a teammate with each of the other three members for six-holes. For each hole both sets of partners will play scramble to post a score. The sum of the two scramble scores will make the foursome's score for the hole. As always, participants can book as singles, twos, threes or foursomes. We'll make up foursomes as required. We can take walk-ins but pre-registration is always appreciated.




The Fall Blue Collar Open is set for Sunday, September 11th with a 2:30 PM Shotgun start. Our Las Vegas Scramble format used throughout the season has been a hit, so we will continue with that, this time for 18 Holes. 


The cost is $80 ($40 for Season’s  Pass Holders and $50 Club Members) and includes Golf, Cart, Dinner, and Prizes.


Please pre-register and pre-pay by calling the course or dropping in. Pre-payment/registration helps us on both the catering and golf sides of planning.



Canoe Creek member Monty Kilborn had an idea last year — organizing a charity fundraiser for the North Okanagan Shuswap Brain Injury Society (NOSBIS) and since that time he has done an amazing job organizing and building the tournament. He has a major hole sponsors for each of the 18 holes, a hole-in-one competition for a new car, clearance for a sizeable tax refund for participants, a buffet dinner, a silent auction with additional sponsors, and a great buffet dinner.

Saturday, August 20, 1:00 Shot Gun Start

Please call NOSBIS or Canoe Creek to Register



We are delighted that Monty has selected Canoe Creek as the venue for this tournament which he envisions as an annual event. But more importantly we commend him for his initiative in getting this event off the ground and wish to support his efforts by making an appeal to all those in the Canoe Creek Community (Visitors, Members, Staff, and Casual Customers) to play.

Registration is $150 per person which all things considered is a great value. It includes the following: Green Fee, Buffet Dinner, A Great Assortment of Draw Prizes (made possible by the extensive sponsorships), Hole Prizes (Hole-in-one, KP’s etc.) and access to the Silent Auction.

Perhaps the biggest part of the value is knowing that you are supporting a local charity that depends on community support while, at the same time, getting a $125 Charitable Contribution tax receipt in return for your support.

It is 4 person team scramble format with an emphasis on fun and prizes. Register as a foursome or as singles, two’s or three’s. As necessary, Monty will group people together to make foursomes. 
Call the NOSBIS office (250-833-1140) or the course (250-832-3285) to register by phone or drop by either location.  NOSBIS’s office is located at 364B Ross Street N.E., Salmon Arm.

As the success of the tournament is entirely dependent on the participation of enthusiastic golfers, Monty and NOSBIS are counting on a big influx of late registrants to help raise funds to benefit the brain injury survivors in our community. Let’s help put the finishing touch on making Monty’s idea come to reality! If you are considering playing in this event please call right away!@


Throughout the remainder of the month and culminating on the Labour Day Long Weekend we are offering Sunday Breakfast at terrific prices. For $8 - $12 (depending on menu) come on out and join us from 8 - 11 AM Sundays.

On the Labour Day Weekend we will be expanding this offering and holding a BRUNCH from 9 AM until 1 PM. Menu TBA on Facebook.


The lovely Marmot is well established in the Thompson Okanagan region and our beloved course is not immune from the critters. Fortunately they tend to keep to the fescue areas of the course where golfers don’t want to end up anyway. But just in case you ever end up in the fescue here’s some rule information which might come in handy.


Mounds of earth or holes created by marmots qualify as abnormal ground defined by the rules as follows: “any casual water, ground under repair or hole, cast or runway on the course made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird.” If you are affected by such an abnormal ground condition the following rule applies:


RULE 25-1 — Abnormal Ground Conditions


a. Interference


Interference by an abnormal ground condition occurs when a ball lies in or touches the condition or when the condition interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing. If the player’s ball lies on the putting green, interference also occurs if an abnormal ground condition on the putting green intervenes on his line of putt. Otherwise, intervention on the line of play is not, of itself, interference under this Rule.


b. Relief


Except when the ball is in a water hazard or a lateral water hazard, a player may take relief from interference by an abnormal ground condition as follows:

(i) Through the Green: If the ball lies through the green, the player must lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.The nearest point of relief must not be in a hazard or on a putting green. When the ball is dropped within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, the ball must first strike a part of the course at a spot that avoids interference by the condition and is not in a hazard and not on a putting green.


For the complete rules of golf rules for play in Canada go the following link:



And next time you find your ball or stance affected by a mound of earth created by our resident marmots remember to take your drop!



We’re holding a Facebook Contest. Enter by answering the following question: What’s the elevation change on hole #13’s BLUE tee boxes to the fairway at the 150 yard marker? See our Facebook page (click here) for details.


Have you checked out our Instagram Page? Click here to have a look.



Just in case you haven’t heard or might have forgotten here is a summary of our specials:

  • Senior’s Day Mondays - Senior’s (55+) get a round with cart for $29 (9 Holes) or $58 (18 Holes).
  • Tireless Tuesdays - Play unlimited golf AND get a $15 voucher for the Bistro for $79
  • Twilight - Play 18 holes for $29 (M - Th) or $33 (F - Su). Add a cart for only $8.95
  • Summer Sizzle - Play 18 Holes after 1 PM and have your cart included
  • $50 Club - Never pay more than $50 for a green fee even during prime times then the regular rate is $58 (M - Th) and $65 (F - Su).



You may recall that in the past year or so we've tried hard to expand our menu and move towards a restaurant model. You may also recall that midway through this year we realized we had overextended ourselves and underwent major operational changes and pulled back from the expanded menu restaurant idea and went back to a BISTRO concept focussing sandwiches, smokies and hotdogs and the like.


We apologize for the confusion and are reviewing our advertising (print, radio, on-line, etc.) to ensure that we have things harmonized with what we are offering.

We remain committed to ensuring that what we do offer is pleasing to customers and are glad that the feedback on things like our sandwiches and homemade baked goods is been positive.


We really appreciate your support and patronage of our Bistro.




Congratulations to Rolly French who won $297.50 in our Men’s Night Putt for Dough. We’re happy for Rolly and that he won’t be able to claim that he never wins anything at Men’s Night!! 




What a great season it has been for course conditions!


Great conditions start with Course Superintendent Al Feenstra who does a great job keeping the course in shape with minimum impact on play. In late August and through September Al will be implementing core aeration of the greens. The impact on play will be minimal. Two or three greens per week may be aerated early in the week.


What does that mean for you? Occasionally, you’ll notice a little sand in the greens and the aeration holes filled. The greens really do clean up nicely and it is unlikely you’ll notice any negative impact on the roll you get on the greens. Temporary greens are not expected.


In short, the impact of this program will be minimal, but even so, we wanted to let you know. Thank you for your understanding.




Don’t forget to consider registering for the Dave Stead Memorial Society Charity Fundraiser. This tournament takes place on  Saturday, September 17. It is organized by the Dave Stead Memorial Society and is called “HELPING CLOSE TO HOME” because it raises money to be distributed to local charities, particularly those targeting mental health. It is an 18 hole event with several options from dinner only, to dinner and golf, to all weekend long. The all-weekend-long option includes two nights of camping at the course, Friday evening wine and cheese, Saturday morning breakfast buffet, the golf tournament, the buffet dinner, dancing all night long to the beat of The Shoeswap Band, and Sunday brunch, all for $152. Check out dsmsociety.com for the details, the options, and to register.


Just like the NOSBIS Charity Fundraiser described earlier in this newsletter, Canoe Creek wishes to appeal to all those in the Canoe Creek Community to spread the word and consider supporting this event!




We are happy to report that we have negotiated a corporate partnership with Salmon Arm’s newest gym, Anytime Fitness.


All Season’s Pass Holders and $50 Club members will be offered their corporate rate on a 1 or 2 years membership. This means rates of $39.95 or $43.95 per month a great deal. Pass Holders just bring your membership cards and $50 Club Members we’ll confirm your membership by telephone.


We are really excited to partner with Anytime Fitness and help facilitate your access to a brand new gym open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with first rate equipment (free weights, training machines and cardio), a workout studio, fitness trainers, beautiful and clean change room and shower facilities and simply a wonderfully positive and encouraging workout environment.


Stop by and see Beth who will get you started. And if you’re uncertain about whether this is the gym for you, you can get a one week trial membership at no charge to check it out. But just a warning — if you check it out you’re going to love it!




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